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We pick the staff and you do a video interview with them prior to onboarding – once you give the green signal we train them for a week, deploy them into your business and then support them heavily until they are doing their role autonomously – this way they are deployed fast, do their job effectively and don’t need to disturb you constantly as they get to know the ropes.

Recruitment and basic training takes only 7 days for industries listed – if your industry is not listed it takes longer – call for more details. We are the fastest around because we constantly recruit, train and deploy staff in the listed industry sectors.

We recruit and train your new staff member, assign them a supervisor, setup their laptop, establish their new number, accounts and check access to your allocated software suite.

You will be charged at the beginning of each month in advance for your remote staff.

It is absolutely critical for us to get your remote staff trained and ready for work. We train your staff intensively during the first week to get your staff up to speed, from there they are supported and supervised until they can do their job autonomously. All staff have access to supervisors so there is always someone in the office they can ask questions and get support from.

If at any time you’re not happy and wish to change to a new person, we’ll take care of that for you with no additional charge.

That’s up to you! Of course, you can’t really send them to pick up your dry cleaning, but anything from general administrative tasks, to highly technical digital marketing or programming responsibilities are a walk in the park for your VA. This is where the importance of the discovery call comes in – it helps us assess the type of support you really need and the skills your ideal VA should possess.

We check staff performance monthly – no point waiting a year to find out what is going wrong! We check how many hours are on busy work and how much is on core function – if we see too much busy work we will get in touch with you. Our employees expect annual salary reviews and we will liaise with you to assist.

Your staff get 0.2 days sick leave loading per week.

Our Indian offices have better internet connections than most Australian offices. Our office has Fibre to the premises with redundant failover connection

You get one supervised member of staff for 40hrs per week with an Australian mobile number, an encrypted Chromebook, a dedicated video chat live link and a secure office for them to work from. They take off Indian holidays – but are on duty during the Australian holidays. They get 0.2 days sick leave loading per week worked.

Overtime and paid software subscriptions are the two usual cases – everything else is included. You are billed for overtime at the end of each week – but your staff will only charge if you agreed in writing prior.

You pay in advance for your staff, however there is no contract beyond that. All we ask that you give at least 30 days notice if you plan on standing your staff down.

Your staff have dedicated, encrypted Chromebooks which can be locked down remotely at any time – you can always view all the data the staff member has available to them at any time through their google drive account.

Currently we offer access to our senior remote staff on an hourly basis – call for more details.

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